From Pastor Inga Oyan Longbrake...

Hello! Thanks for visiting our web page.

I've been pastor here with the good people of Messiah since October of 2018. I felt called here for some important reasons, which might be important to you, too, as you're seeking a faith community:

  1. The mission of this church is to be radically welcoming and inclusive - because that's who God is to us and for us. No one is outside of God's grace. Period.
  2. They believe striving for justice is what love looks like in public. They believe it is the call of Christ's church, the Jesus way.  So the people here are brave, advocating for people and issues that matter.
  3. They like to wrestle with theology. They are good at deep and meaningful conversation, and yet they don't take themselves too seriously. They know how to laugh here, too!

If you are looking for a place of welcome but not conformity, of thoughtfulness and hope rather than false certainty, of diversity in unity, then come see us at Messiah and meet others on the journey of faith and life.

We find joy and hope in life together, even as we don't ignore the difficulties and challenges of these days.

Worship is meaningful and connected to our ancestors in the faith - without being "stodgy." We have some particularly beautiful music here.

If you have more questions about this congregation, don't hesitate to reach out with an e-mail:

Peace,  Pastor Inga

Pastor Inga
Pastor Inga