The Green Team

The Messiah Green Team consists of members with a shared concern about the environment. Our goal is to help the congregation become more in-line with environmental concerns as well as to provide information for making changes in our everyday lives.

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Messiah Mountain Retreat Center

The Messiah Mountain Retreat Center is a 27-acre retreat center located in Indian Hills. The facility is available for meetings, family gatherings,  spiritual retreats, etc. Go here to read more and make reservations online.


Just Hope

Messiah joined a partnership with Just Hope in 2010. We piloted the 20 Women of Hope project in 2012. We also support microcredit projects, the Dreaming Together Hardware Store, and helped build a home in Chacraseca in 2014. Our goal is to continue our relationship with Just Hope to grow and strengthen Nicaraguan communities.


Faith In Action

Fair Trade Market
Working with Lutheran World Relief we connect our community to the global community by hosting a Fair Trade Market prior to Christmas.

Greater Park Hill Food Bank
Messiah members contribute generously to our on-going food drive, which helps to stock the shelves of our community food bank.

Disaster Relief
With leadership and direction from Lutheran World Relief, a ministry of the ELCA, Messiah members give generously to our brothers and sisters throughout the world in times of crisis.

Colorado Faith Communities United
Diverse Faith Communities are working together to reduce deaths and injuries caused by gun violence in Colorado.

Good Samaritans
Good Samaritans assist the Pastor in visits to home-bound members, as well as sending cards, making phone calls, and providing transportation.